When signing up or re-upping, let them know you are with the East Bay Prospectors Chapter of The GPAA!! We do get “points” for things you sign up for!!   If you sign up on-line, leave a note in the comments area!

We will be purchasing items from the “Store” to raffle off, and sell outright to our members; The points are like  dollar off coupons; This is another way for us to build our funds to operate our club, and the various activities being planned.

Buzzard Special Membership and GPAA renewals (includes Mining Guide)

1 YR.                                                                                        Good for 1365 in Chapter Points

2YR.                                                                                        Good for 1820 in Chapter Points

3YR.                                                                                        Good for 2730 in Chapter Points

Gold Life Membership                                              Good for 22,500 in Chapter Points

LDMA Membership                                                    Good for 68,250 in Chapter Points

Alaska Expedition                                                       Good for 22,750 in Chapter Points

The application must be signed by a officer

Magazine subscriptions and the Basic, non prospecting membership O points

You may call the GPAA 1-800-551-9707 if you have any questions