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Also use the above email for general “contact us” type business and your message will be routed to the appropriate staff member.  If you send a complaint type message, that’s perfectly acceptable. But if you have a solution or suggested way to make it better, please add that to your message so I can fix the issue. For example if I post information that is incorrect or has a critical typo, fire away if I have it coming but help me fix it!

We will add new help items below as things come up with this, our new website.

Help Desk

We will list website bugs, known problems and “how to” topics below. If you need help or would like to report a problem, point out a typo or make a suggestion, please email Dale Myer at: It would be a good idea to jot this down somewhere now in case you can’t logon someday and need help getting back on. This help desk is a volunteer operation! Response times will vary! But, rest assured that we will give you fast service no matter how long it takes.

Website not working like usual? Lose your cookies!

We’ll start with a generic oldie but goodie. Since working as the website guy, I’ve had a few reports of the “websites” not working like usual. Since the website seemed ok at my end, I asked the user(s) to either log in from another computer or trust me with their password and let me try logging in as them. This simply tells me if it’s at the website end or at the user’s end known as half splitting the problem. The “fix” each time has usually been for the user to clear their cookies. Your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) will create cookie files to store frequently visited webpages as a shortcut making your web surfing appear to be faster. It’s not uncommon for these cookie files to get corrupted which will make it seem like the website is busted. Each browser is different but most have a menu with one choice being “tools”. Hunting in the tools section you can usually find a clear cookies option or clear browser history option. This will toss your cookies and your browser will make fresh ones when you log into websites.

We will add new help items below as things come up with this our new website.